Black Line Removal

Black Line Removal: Ensuring Aesthetic Perfection in Dental Procedures

When prospective patients approach our Dental Office for consultation, a recurring concern is the unsightly dark line seen around their existing porcelain crowns. Moreover, the apprehension grows about the potential of witnessing this issue in future dental treatments. It's essential to note that this complication shouldn't arise or even be a cause for concern when undergoing any cosmetic dentistry procedures, especially with porcelain crowns or veneers.

Understanding the Dark Lines:

Metal-Based Porcelain Crowns:
The conventional design for porcelain crowns incorporates a silver-colored metal base. This metal foundation ensures the porcelain's strength, reducing the chances of fractures. However, a drawback emerges as the porcelain nears the gum line, becoming increasingly thin, eventually allowing the metal base to reflect through. While the crown may initially seem flawless, gum recession over time can expose this thinner porcelain section, leading to the appearance of the dark lines.

Use of Inferior Metals:
Often, the metal base of these traditional crowns consists of more affordable, non-precious metals, such as tin. Over time, these metals can bleed out, resulting in the gum edges getting tattooed with dark lines. Additionally, there's the risk of patients developing allergies to these metals, leading to inflamed and bluish-looking gums.

Ill-Fitting Crowns:
Another concern arises when porcelain crowns don't snugly fit the tooth. Poor sealing can lead to staining at the tooth’s edges. This isn't merely a cosmetic issue; it can compromise the tooth’s health, as bacteria and plaque might initiate decay.

Our Dental Office's Commitment to Excellence:

At our Dental Office, our commitment to exceptional patient care drives us to negate these potential pitfalls:

Metal-Free Approach:
We strictly refrain from using metal-based crowns. Modern porcelains, known for their robustness, are bonded directly to the teeth. This not only enhances their strength but eliminates the risk of fractures.

Precision in Bonding:
Bonding porcelain crowns or veneers requires finesse. We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach, ensuring a glass-like finish against the tooth, thereby significantly reducing staining risks and preventing potential leakage.

Curious about the distinct practices that set our Dental Office apart? If you're keen on repairing your teeth while preserving the integrity of your smile, please contact us at (858) 679-8918 or through our online contact form. Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) proudly serves the San Diego community, ensuring every patient leaves with a confident and radiant smile.

The Trusted Authority in Eradicating Dark Line Concerns in Dentistry

Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) stands as a beacon of excellence in addressing the concerns and challenges associated with dark lines on porcelain crowns. With a profound understanding of dental aesthetics and an unwavering commitment to precision, she has cultivated a reputation for being one of the foremost experts in this field. Her extensive experience combined with a personalized approach ensures that each patient receives an optimal solution tailored to their unique needs. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques and a deep-seated passion for dentistry, Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) consistently delivers results that not only meet but often exceed expectations, solidifying her position as a trusted authority in eradicating dental aesthetic concerns like dark lines.


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