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Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) consistently pursues ongoing education in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, ensuring she remains at the forefront of the field. Our patients directly reap the benefits of her vast experience and exceptional outcomes. With the help of state-of-the-art imaging and other modern technologies, we can offer you a preview of your transformed smile before beginning the treatment.

Our dedicated staff, possessing significant experience in cosmetic dentistry, has been working alongside Dr. Trevelin for years. Their sustained commitment ensures seamless collaboration and top-notch patient care. We prioritize building lasting relationships, allowing our patients to become familiar with our team. The consistent team we boast is not just a testament to our work environment but also speaks volumes about Dr. Trevelin's character and esteemed reputation.

We've crafted an inviting dental experience that prioritizes luxury, comfort, and a pain-free approach. Our elegant decor and tranquil ambiance aim to make you feel welcomed, as if you're a guest in our home.

Dr. Trevelin holds a renowned reputation in the San Diego community and beyond for her expertise in cosmetic dentistry. She is frequently sought after to rectify less-than-perfect work done by other dentists.

In our practice, we emphasize healthier alternatives. For instance, we opt for composite resin and porcelain over amalgam for fillings.

Education is pivotal for us. We invest time to enlighten both new and recurring patients about cosmetic dentistry and the specific treatments they'll undergo. By keeping our patients informed, we alleviate concerns and empower them to contribute towards achieving the best results.

Our Foundational Principles

At the heart of our office lies our core values. These principles don't merely describe the work we do or the strategies we employ; instead, they signify the essence of how we operate. They are the bedrock of our work culture, influencing how we interact with one another and the strategies we adopt to realize our objectives. To ensure our vision's success, it's imperative that we bring on board individuals who resonate with these values. Our hiring and training decisions manifest the weightage we assign to these core tenets.

Our Commitment and Core Values

The values that represent our dedication to our patients and each other include:

Honesty: Upholding truthfulness and reliability.

Respect: Recognizing the inherent worth of every individual.

Integrity: Standing by one's convictions, acting with commendable morals, and always choosing "the right thing."

Appreciation: Expressing gratitude for our colleagues, patients, skills, blessings, and showing it to others.

Caring: Nurturing a genuine concern for oneself and others.

Happiness: Reveling in our identity, surroundings, companions, and activities.

Growth: Championing both personal and collective advancement.

Responsibility: Taking charge of ourselves, our peers, and our community.

Giving Back: Closing the loop of benevolence.

Among other core values that guide our practice:

Delivering Top-tier Dental Care: We never compromise on the dental care quality we offer. Every patient is accorded the same respect and oral healthcare standards we'd reserve for our dearest family members. Dr. Trevelin, together with a cohesive unit of dental professionals, ensures comprehensive and superior care for every patient. Advanced technology aids us not for mere bragging rights but to enhance clinical accuracy and the overall care standard.

Fostering a Welcoming & Safe Environment: Our doors are always open to those apprehensive about dental procedures. We're dedicated to ensuring comfort and alleviating any anxiety. Patient trust is built on deep-rooted relationships and an office ambiance that exudes warmth and solace, mirroring the exceptional care we dispense.

Delivering Outstanding Customer Experience: From the get-go, our endeavor is to either meet or surpass expectations. Upholding honesty and integrity in every interaction is paramount, with a keen understanding that our patients are the cornerstone of our practice. Their endorsements, through referrals, are treasured.

Empowering Our Team: We're steadfast in our mission to remain an attractive workplace for the best talents. Our achievements hinge on our team's collective intellect and contributions. Opportunities for continual learning and growth abound, fostering an environment that's not only conducive for work but also enjoyable and supportive.

Valuing Financial Prosperity: We recognize that our sustenance and our ability to uphold the aforementioned values depend on sound financial stewardship. Every decision we make is cognizant of its potential impact on our fiscal well-being. While profits aren't our primary driving force, they are a natural outcome of our ethical practices, exceptional patient care, and judicious business operations. This financial triumph benefits both the practice's growth and our community contributions.

Our San Diego Dental Office takes immense pride in serving not only San Diego but also the neighboring areas. We warmly invite you to get in touch, learn more about what we stand for, our range of dental services, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Trevelin. We eagerly await the chance to enhance your smile!


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