A Complete Smile Makeover

Your smile is a reflection of your confidence, mood, and personality. Whether you're dealing with stains, misalignment, or missing teeth, a full dental makeover can rejuvenate your entire appearance. Wondering how to restore all your teeth simultaneously? Let's dive in.

Meet Dr. Trevelin:

San Diego’s Premier Holistic Cosmetic Dentist Renowned for her cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Trevelin is among San Diego's elite cosmetic dentists, committed to creating radiant smiles.

Challenges a Dental Makeover Can Address:

Life throws various challenges that can impact dental health. While genetics play a role, factors like diet, oral hygiene, and unexpected incidents also influence your teeth's appearance. A comprehensive dental makeover with Dr. Trevelin can address:

- Damaged or decayed teeth
- Missing teeth
- Misalignment or spacing issues
- Old dental work that needs replacement
- Bite problems, such as underbites or overbites

Put your concerns to rest. Dr. Trevelin ensures each smile makeover is comfortable, pain-free, and tailored to your unique needs.

What Does a Complete Dental Makeover Entail?

Every patient's dental needs differ. Dr. Trevelin will meticulously plan your individualized treatment, addressing misalignments, color variations, tooth proportions, or even complete teeth replacement if necessary.

Dental Solutions Offered:

Full Mouth Implants: Replace missing teeth with dental implants that look, feel, and function naturally. A titanium rod is anchored in your jaw, topped with a high-quality ceramic crown. Dr. Trevelin may advise a full set of implants, especially if you have widespread damage or several missing teeth.

Dentures: Modern dentures are more lifelike and comfortable than ever. Whether you've lost a few or all your teeth due to gum disease or decay, Dr. Trevelin can provide both traditional and “immediate dentures” based on your requirements.

Veneers: A minimally invasive solution, veneers transform the shape and color of your teeth. These thin porcelain overlays can close gaps, straighten teeth, and enhance your overall facial aesthetic.

Expected Results:

Rejuvenating your smile can be transformative. An aligned, gleaming smile not only makes you appear youthful but also boosts your self-assurance. With your radiant smile, you'll present a more approachable, amiable, and captivating presence.

Why Dr. Trevelin?

Having served as a dentist in Brazil, Idaho and Washington, before founding her San Diego Dental Office, Dr. Trevelin's expertise has positively transformed over 1,000 smiles. Recognized for her precision, innovative approaches, and the integration of advanced technology, she is the quintessential choice for your smile makeover.


Which Cosmetic Dental Procedures Suit Me?
Your smile transformation journey is personal. Dr. Trevelin will evaluate your dental health and aesthetics, discuss your vision, and recommend appropriate procedures. She takes into account your facial structure to ensure your new smile complements your overall appearance.

How Long is the Makeover Process?
Though each dental makeover is tailored, Dr. Trevelin offers a unique one-week smile transformation using avant-garde techniques. While intricate cases might need more time, many patients witness a complete transformation in just a week.

Post-Makeover Recovery: What to Expect?
Recovery varies based on the procedures. While dental implants might require some healing time, treatments like veneers allow you to use your teeth immediately. Dr. Trevelin will guide you on post-treatment care for lasting brilliance.

Begin with a Complimentary Consultation
Your first consultation and exam with Dr. Trevelin is on us. She'll assess your smile, and together, you'll chart the path to your dream smile transformation. If x-rays are needed, there might be a charge. If you've had recent x-rays, kindly bring them along.


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