Protect Your Winning Smile With an Athletic Mouthguards

Engaging in an active lifestyle, be it through organized sports, cycling, or just a simple game of catch, has been hailed for its countless health benefits. From alleviating mental stresses to maintaining a well-balanced physical stature, there's no doubt that sports and recreational activities enhance our well-being. Yet, it's crucial to recognize the risks – especially dental injuries. At our Dental Office in San Diego, we prioritize your dental health, ensuring you have the right protective gear to keep you safe and smiling.

The Link Between Athletics and Dental Health

Studies show that of the dental injuries treated in children, over 25% are related to sports. More alarmingly, most of these injuries involve the prominent front teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) has flagged activities, from baseball and handball to surfing and equestrian sports, as potential culprits of dental injuries in adults. While the myriad benefits of physical activities eclipse the potential hazards, one cannot neglect the reality of pain, missed school or work days, and sometimes substantial treatment costs from dental injuries. Thankfully, with ADA-endorsed equipment, the risk of such injuries reduces significantly.

Why Every Athlete Needs a Mouthguard

A high-quality, custom-made mouthguard is more than just gear; it's an indispensable shield. It's designed to nestle over your teeth, absorbing and dispersing the shock from impacts, thereby safeguarding your mouth. Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) is dedicated to ensuring you retain that radiant smile for a lifetime. At our Dental Office, we offer a range of athletic mouthguards tailored to fit you perfectly, providing the utmost protection against dental traumas.

Sports guards, another name for athletic mouthguards, are especially pivotal for those in high-contact sports like rugby, football, and hockey. Still, their importance transcends to all athletic endeavors. Whether you're into soccer, basketball, or baseball, a mouthguard remains a prudent choice to shield your smile. Apart from defending against visible damages like chipped or knocked-out teeth, mouthguards also guard the mouth's soft tissues, including your lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

Prioritizing Prevention

The axiom, "prevention is better than cure," holds true, especially concerning dental health. Custom-fitted mouthguards are heralded not only for protecting against dental injuries but also for potentially reducing concussion rates. The ADA strongly recommends custom mouthguards for a wide spectrum of sports, from basketball and martial arts to skiing and skateboarding. Their advice extends to ensuring these protective devices are worn during both practice and actual competitions.

Decades of Trust in Quality Sports Guards

For over three decades, the ADA has championed the use of sports guards, emphasizing their pivotal role in preserving dental health during sports. Dental injuries can drastically change one's life. Hence, for individuals, especially young adults who are sports enthusiasts, donning a suitable mouthguard is paramount.

At our Dental Office, safeguarding your teeth and ensuring long-term dental health are our prime missions. Keen on understanding more about the advantages of sports guards or scheduling a consultation? Dial (858) 679-8918 today. Together, let's ensure your smile remains unscathed even during the most vigorous activities.


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