Premium Ozone Treatment

We are privileged to be among a select group of dental practices proficient in the use of ozone for treatments. Ozone, known for its unparalleled ability to eradicate viruses, bacteria, and fungi upon contact, is a significant advancement in the realm of dentistry. The mouth, typically a hotspot for bacteria, can lead to myriad dental complications. Yet, imagine if this bacteria could be eliminated in mere moments!

Our integration of ozone spans various procedures: from gum therapy, root canal treatments, and even prior to putting on crowns or fillings. Ozone, composed of three oxygen atoms (O3), offers an excellent solution against harmful microorganisms that find the mouth a conducive breeding ground. Here are some insights into O3's usage in dentistry:

Understanding Ozone’s Potency

While the term "ozone" often conjures images of our protective atmospheric layer, its medicinal prowess stands testament since the 19th century. Its broad-spectrum application ranges from treating respiratory ailments to complications in diabetes. As an oxygen-rich compound, ozone can effectively stifle the growth of harmful pathogens and stimulate an immune response. Moreover, it offers an appealing alternative to the overuse of antibiotics, especially with the mounting concerns of antibiotic resistance.

A Deep Dive into Ozone's Applications:

Bacterial Infections: From sore throats to periodontal issues, ozone proves effective. Custom trays filled with O3 gas can help maintain oral health.

Teeth Restoration: O3 preps teeth for restoration, and in cases of exposed nerves, it can potentially prevent root canal procedures.

Root Canals: O3 maximizes the chances of a root canal's success, ensuring systemic health.

Dental Surgery: O3 aids in faster healing post-surgery, be it extractions or implant procedures.

TMJ Treatment: O3 gas can mitigate inflammation and stimulate cartilage growth, addressing underlying infections causing TMJ pain.

Treating Cavitations: O3 therapy can potentially treat cavitations without surgery, with its capability to follow and eliminate infections.

Sinus Infections: For chronic sinus issues, breathing O3 filtered through olive oil can provide relief.

Mouth Lesions: Ozonated olive oil, while not the most palatable, offers an effective remedy for various mouth sores.


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