Revolutionary Solea Lazer Dental Experience in San Diego

Experience the difference with Solea®, the first CO2 dental laser approved by the FDA for a wide range of dental procedures. Developed through extensive research, Solea® offers an unparalleled experience in dental care – one that's virtually painless, precise, and surprisingly swift.

We are one of the few cosmetic dental offices in California with the Solea Dental laser, which is the Ferrari of surgical dentistry and a game-changer for quality of care and the patient experience. This state-of-the-art dental laser is redefining our practice's approach to dental procedures. With Solea, the need for anesthesia is drastically reduced, as most patients find it unnecessary. This means in most cases, no more needles or drills. Our commitment to your comfort and happiness is paramount, and nothing brings us more joy than your satisfied smile.

Embrace the Future of Pain-Free Dentistry

Say goodbye to the anxiety of dental visits. Whether it's filling a cavity or a complex oral surgery, you're guaranteed to leave our office with a smile, thanks to Solea's innovative approach.

Why Choose the Solea for your Dental Surgery

At our office, the majority of procedures are performed with little to no anesthesia, and soft tissue work is completed with minimal bleeding. This leap in dental technology allows us to offer comprehensive dental care in one visit – from multi-quadrant dentistry to on-the-spot fillings and soft tissue work. For you, this means faster, less painful treatments and no lingering numbness post-procedure. With Solea, your dental visits are shorter, more comfortable, and less intrusive, allowing you to quickly return to your daily routine without discomfort.

Why Patients Prefer Solea Laser Dentistry

Solea® brings a new era in dentistry with its minimally invasive approach, eliminating the need for anesthesia in most cases and ensuring virtually bloodless soft tissue procedures. This innovation means less time in the chair, no post-procedure numbness, and a quicker return to normal activities. Experience a transformative dental visit with Solea®, where comfort, safety, and efficiency are at the forefront.

Understanding the Solea® Dental Laser

Step into a new era of dental excellence with Solea, the trailblazing CO2 dental laser system. Born from the ingenuity of Convergent Dental in Boston, Massachusetts, and fortified by pioneering research at the University of California School of Dentistry, Solea redefines dental procedures. This revolutionary system, boasting FDA approval for both hard and soft tissue work, is powered by a distinct wavelength and state-of-the-art computing precision. The result? A dental experience so comfortable, you'll hardly believe it's real, encompassing everything from routine cavity fillings to complex surgeries.

Solea: Synonymous with Comfort and Innovation
Solea goes beyond being just a dental laser; it's a beacon of modern dentistry. Embrace a world where discomfort, vibrations, and the intimidating noises of traditional dental tools are replaced by a serene, quiet, and smooth experience. Thanks to Solea's cutting-edge technology, the days of relying on anesthesia for routine dental procedures are swiftly fading into history.

Safety Meets Sophistication with Solea
Solea's commitment doesn't stop at comfort; it's equally devoted to safety. In an unparalleled move, Solea® dramatically lowers the risk of virus and bacteria spread by significantly reducing splatter and aerosol production during treatments. This breakthrough not only enhances patient comfort but also ensures a safer, more hygienic environment for both clients and dental professionals. With Solea®, step into a world where dental care is not just advanced, but also safer and more reassuring than ever before.


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