Natural Holistic Extractions

Our primary mission is preserving your natural teeth. However, circumstances sometimes necessitate extraction, such as severe infections, tooth fractures, or if there's no structure left above the gum. When extraction becomes necessary, our holistic approach focuses on safety and patient well-being.

Our Natural Tooth Extraction Protocol

Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) is dedicated to offering a state-of-the-art biological tooth removal method, which has been perfected through extensive research into cutting-edge biological dental events and training sessions.

Understanding the intricate relationship between oral health and an individual's systemic health, immune response, and cardiac health, Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) ensures that holistic extractions are performed meticulously. This procedure involves removing the periodontal ligament and any diseased tissue surrounding the tooth, promoting rapid healing. Our approach significantly reduces the risk of cavitations—voids within the bone that can be detrimental to complete healing.

Our Holistic Extraction Process

Our detailed procedure has consistently resulted in faster healing times and reduced post-operative discomfort for our patients.

Preparation: Begin with oral Vitamin C supplementation 1-2 weeks before and continue after the procedure.

Minimizing Trauma: Instruments that are slender and lighter than conventional dental tools are employed to reduce trauma to the bone surrounding the tooth.

Thorough Cleaning: The extraction site is meticulously cleaned using ozone and specialized tools to eliminate bacteria and infected tissue.

Anesthesia: We use buffered anesthetics combined with acupuncture spot massage for a comfortable experience. A numbing agent with minimal epinephrine is applied to promote healthy blood circulation.

Tissue and Bone Management: All periodontal ligaments and infected bone are cleansed, aiming for a healthy EAV reading. This might require slightly more surgery to ensure complete removal of the periodontal ligament and about 1mm of bone surrounding the entire socket.

Biological Bone Graft: To minimize inflammation and rejection, we use the most biocompatible bone graft materials, including PRF derived from the patient's blood factors and Tricalcium Phosphate.

Ozone Treatment: Ozone gas is introduced to jumpstart the healing process and neutralize bacteria.

Holistic Healing Environment: Post-extraction, we emphasize maintaining oral hygiene, using clean dental products, and adhering to a nutritious diet combined with homeopathic remedies.

What to Expect Before, During, and After

For any concerns or questions regarding your extraction, don't hesitate to reach out to our San Diego Dental Office. We're dedicated to your optimal oral health and well-being.

Before Your Appointment: Avoid Vitamin C supplements 24 hours before your extraction to ensure effective anesthesia. Post-procedure, Vitamin C will aid in healing and flushing out any remnants of the anesthesia.

During the Procedure: Our extractions prioritize patient comfort. Using surgical techniques, the tooth is gently removed, followed by thorough cleaning of the site. The area is then rinsed and sutured to promote optimal healing.

Post-Extraction Care: Expect some bleeding post-surgery. Utilize the gauze provided, maintain light pressure on the site, and manage swelling using the Anodyne infrared light pad or other warm compresses. Limit talking, avoid smoking, and ensure you consume soft, nutritious foods. For any discomfort, follow prescribed medication guidelines. After 24 hours, you may rinse your mouth gently.

Stay Active: Light walking post-extraction aids in circulation and detoxification. However, avoid strenuous activities for at least 24 hours.

Emergencies: Should you face any complications, please contact our San Diego Dental Office at (858) 679-8918. In extreme emergencies, don't hesitate to visit your nearest emergency room.

Follow-Up: We advise scheduling an appointment within 5 to 7 days post-procedure for stitch removal.


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