Occlusal Night Guards


Protective Night Guards

Occlusal Guards, often called night guards,are dental appliances that protect the teeth from bruxing (teeth grinding) or clenching. Dr. Trevelin is trained to examine teeth for signs of bruxism and treat her patients with custom-fit night guards.

An occlusal guard is called a night guard because it’s usually worn overnight when nighttime clenching most commonly occurs. A guard also protects against damage done to the surface of the teeth such as scratching and chipping.

People who grind their teeth can sometimes develop a serious problem with their jaw called Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder. Night Guards helps a jaw relax, which lessens the occurrence of clenching or grinding teeth.

Patients with periodontal disease may want to consider occlusal guards to stabilize their teeth.

The occlusal night guard is made with clear acrylic resin that is custom-fitted so that the teeth fit perfectly in the guard. It is common that patients are fitted for either the top or the bottom teeth. Dr. Trevelin takes time to make sure the fit of your night guard is right.

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How much are Night Guards?

This is a common question among patients and individuals across the web. How much do night guards cost? Night Guards and Occlusal Guards can range anywhere from $400 – $800 depending on your needs. Additionally, if you need a more professional and more sophisticated night guard, they can range from $800-$1100 – this also depends on the type of material used (soft plastic or acrylic) as well as the location and the dentist that is prescribing the occlusal guard.

How to Clean Night Guards

Night Guards can get dirty and it is important to clean them properly. An easy and effective way to clean your night guard is by using distilled vinegar and allowing the night guard to sit in the solution for at least 30 minutes. After letting the night guard sit in the distilled vinegar, put the night guard in water and rinse to get rid of any excess vinegar. After setting the night guard in water, place the night guard in a hydrogen peroxide solution for at least 30 minutes. This will help to remove excess grunge and will clean your night guard. After allowing the nightguard to sit in the hydrogen peroxide solution, rinse the occlusal guard in water and make sure to dry your night guard completely. That is a simple and effective way to clean night guards.

How do night guards work?

How do night guards work? Night guards act as a natural barrier and absorb and disperse the force of the clench between your upper teeth and lower teeth. By having this barrier it allows the teeth to alleviate the potential grinding and clenching. It protects the enamel from getting worn down which is crucial for the longevity of your teeth. If this grinding continues it can damage the dentin and could potentially lead to the tooth needing to be extracted by a general dentist or oral surgeon.

How long do night guards last?

Occlusal Guards and Night Guards can be specially designed for both the upper and the lower teeth. In most situations they are designed to fit on the upper teeth but that is only because that is the most comfortable for the majority of patients. Occlusal Guards can be made for either lower or upper teeth and depends entirely on the user’s personal preference. The longevity and duration of your night guard’s lifespan depends entirely on how well you wash the night guard and how well you treat it. Typically, they will last between 5 – 12 years, depending on stress levels and the amount of pressure, exertion and force that the night guard and occlusal guard absorbs.


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