4 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Take Your Clear Aligners Wherever You Go

Whether you’re looking at evergreens on a snowy slope or enjoying yet another day at your office that’s too cold (why are offices always so cold?), you can straighten your teeth while you live your life with Invisalign clear aligners. Learn more during your free dental and oral health assessment from Invictus Modern Dentistry San

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3 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Clear Aligners Don’t Interrupt Your Daily Routine

When you straighten your teeth with custom-made clear aligners like the ones shown from Invisalign, your daily routine is safe. No one will notice the aligners and you’ll barely feel them, so go ahead and drink your coffee while examining your succulents by the window. Straighter teeth start with your free dental and oral health

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2 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: There’s A Clear Aligner In There, So Smile

You’ll feel like smiling more than ever before as you straighten your teeth and improve your bite no matter where you go. The clear aligner inside that little round box can make a world of difference in your teeth, your self-confidence – and your life. Get started with a free dental and oral health assessment

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30 Jun

Teeth Are Fun: Oh Yeah, That’s A Sexy Aligner!

At least you’ll feel sexier knowing that your teeth are looking better and better each day you wear one of these. And that means you can smile all you want while wearing this nearly invisible device – and for years to come. Amazing really. Get started by contacting Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego now

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