28 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: And Contact Us If You Need Some Help!

Everyone can brush and floss, but not everyone has better habits than their friends and family. Yet. You can change the habits of a lifetime and start taking better care of your teeth right now – for better oral health. Then call Invictus Modern Dentistry San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a free oral health

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3 Oct

Teeth Are Fun: How Much More Do You Need To Know About Flossing?

Succinct, well-written and simply explained, this graphic is a complete seminar on the reason we push flossing so hard to our patients – and our social media followers. It’s just that simple: Floss because it gets rid of stuff that needs to go. Learn more about your oral health when you call Invictus Modern Dentistry

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2 Oct

Teeth Are Fun: Are You Using Your Dental Floss Every Day?

Sure, anyone can buy dental floss. And millions of people buy millions of miles – and then let it sit in a drawer or medicine cabinet. Put your purchase to work and floss every day before brushing to help keep your gums healthy and your teeth decay-free. Learn more about great dental hygiene when you

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21 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Keep Teeth Flawless By Never Having a Floss-less Day!

Help keep your teeth and gums healthy and flawless by brushing, flossing and getting regular checkups. If your chompers aren’t so flawless now, there are gentle, effective treatments and cosmetic procedures that can make your teeth look and feel better. Learn more by calling Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for your

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12 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Is It A 3-Step Recipe For Success In Life?

Actually, it makes the most sense to floss first, then brush to thoroughly remove the debris that floss loosens. But whatever. The point is that you need to do both to have a great smile. See how you’re doing and get your teeth fixed if necessary for the best smile possible. Get started by contacting

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25 Jun

Teeth Are Fun: Do You? Do You Really Love To Floss?

Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) admits it. Most of her staff admits it. Her social media writer admits it. Flossing isn’t life’s most fun activity, but it keeps you from carrying around used food all day long, so it’s worth it. See how your teeth are doing by calling Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619)

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